Church leaders trained in book of Revelations

Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. – Revelation 1:3

God has granted us another blessed time – the Leadership Training Institute session in Cupcini on July 19-30. We spent two weeks of intensive training in Bible study and leadership that we offered our present and prospective leaders.

The training started with the testing of our faith – the public school principal, whose facility we usually rented for the Institute, refused us this time and we had to find another place for training classes. God opened the heart of another public school principal who let us use his school canteen for the training we needed.  It was exactly the same place we had our first meetings in Cupcini 15 years ago when there was not even one believer in town. And now, by the grace of God, after these years of revival and growth, we filled the same place, but this time with people from nine cities who were saved though Moldova for Christ Ministry and now are serving as leaders and church planters.

Our students traveled from all over Moldova and some traveled up to 400 kilometers one way to attend the training – pastors, missionaries and Bible study group leaders as well as people who came for the first time in order to join the Institute and become a leader. Fifty-seven men, women and young adults dedicated these two weeks to the Word of God, many using their summer vacation time for training. Also, it was a very special time for all our leaders when we all come together to share with each other and strengthen our relationships as a family that works together to bring the country of Moldova to Jesus Christ.

The study we did this time was on Revelation, part 1, by Precept Ministries International, which covers the first 3 chapters of this book of the Bible. God was really at work during the training and the students made many decisions for purity and dedication to the Lord’s call.

Here is what some of the students said at the end of the training:

Olga: During this Training Institute I understood that our God is both righteous and loving. He wants us to know Him and have a right attitude toward Him, living worthy of His calling.

Alexandra: I understood that my need is to spend more time one-on-one with God. Now, I want to study other chapters of Revelation and the book of Daniel inductively. God is looking for my live and faithfulness and I want to spend the rest of my life learning how to put Christ first in my day to day life.

Marin: At the Training Institute I learned how to tell others about Jesus with great joy, how to prepare and lead a Bible study lesson. I want to tell everybody about my Lord Jesus Christ and about the Holy Scripture.

Cristina: I truly understood what the church is about and what Jesus expects from a church. Also I studied about Lord’s discipline and His promises for the victors.

Denis: It was so impressive to find out about the blessing to those who read, listen and keep of all it is written in the book of Revelation. Now I want to be victorious in my life and I know the Lord wants it too for me.

Octavian: I discovered that Jesus is all I need to be victorious in my life. Also I formed the discipline of studying God’s Word inductively. Like never before I understood that the little strength that I have is to be used for the most important thing in my life – for keeping God’s Word.

Alex: Jesus is my first love and I need to keep Him first in my life. When suffering I need to be brave. When serving Jesus, my present deeds need to be bigger than previous, and these deeds need to be complete in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Irina: It is amazing how much attention Jesus pays to the local church! His view of church is so much different from how we often view church and it is a clear indication to what should we pay attention as well.

Vadim: I became braver in sharing God’s Word with others. Also I am most sure the God really knows all our deeds. Now I know that the victory is to keep God’s Word till the end.

Denis: It was a great joy for me to learn inductive approach in studying the Bible! So many things were clarified for me! The Lord opened my eyes to so many truths in His Word. This training changed my view of the book of Revelation.

Viorica: For the first time I studied the Bible Inductively and formed a general overview of this wonderful method. I decided to continue studying the Scriptures inductively.

Please pray as our students work toward starting their Bible study groups where they will teach the same study they took at the training. Pray that believers will be rooted in the Word of God and unbelievers will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and will be saved.

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