Twenty saved at Moldova Creation Camp

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. – Genesis 1:1

The Moldova for Christ Summer English camp became a tradition after nine years of conducting more than 100 camps. This year the Lord gave us grace to organize and lead another English camp in the city of Cupcini in Northern Moldova. We started by praying with our leaders for the place to conduct the camp, the Precept study to teach, and for the participants who asked us all year about the next camp. We also prayed for the finances as well as the volunteers who would come to help and make the whole camp possible.

The Lord answered our prayers by leading us to a public school principal who joyfully said “Yes!” to our proposal to have the camp at her school property. The study was also chosen as the Lord really stressed upon us the necessity of teaching Creation to the kids. Every day at school, children hear in one way or another the theory of evolution that leaves no room for God in someone’s life. So we knew we would need the Precept study for kids, God’s Amazing Creation by Kay Arthur. The study had to be in English to aim at two goals – teaching God’s eternal Word and improving English for all participants.

Worship Music

As time approached, a training seminar for leaders and other camp workers was conducted at Cupcini church, and we went through the study book together, discussing how to teach the same lesson in teams with different levels of English skills. Many of our brothers and sisters continued to pray and to fast for the camp to be a tool God could use to bring many to salvation. Invitations were printed and we began sharing them with our friends and relatives, and the Lord started moving in the hearts of those He wanted to come to our camp.

On the first day of camp we had more than 120 registered who showed up for the camp. Children and youth came from all over Moldova – from the northern edge of the country to the southern borders. Many had never met before but the love of Christ united all of us quickly and everybody felt right at home. Everyday we had new people joining the camp and the number went up to 140!

From the whole number of participants, well over half were not from believing families and were exposed to the Gospel for the first time in their lives. The Lord touched the hearts of many and by the end of the camp and one by one, 20 of them trusted Jesus and prayed for forgiveness of sin and for salvation. Praise the Lord!

A special blessing was to have many orphans at the camp to minister to who have no place to call home. A number of them were also saved, and now they have a home and a family of brothers and sisters in Christ!

Group Study

We are so grateful for the Sanibel Community Church from Florida in the United States, and for Brian Cochrane family to come again this year to assist us in this very important project of reaching young people with Moldova for Christ. They served sacrificially day and night alongside our team, teaching, singing, playing, encouraging, preaching, and just loving Moldovan kids and all of us.

The baseball clinic was another element that attracted many to the camp, with baseball lessons taught everyday and a great game on the last day of the camp when all the camp came to watch. At the same time, many local people stopped to see a baseball game played live for the first time in their lives and joined us. As a result of training in previous years and all during this camp, the game was really good and captivating to the audience.

Baseball Game

Everybody enjoyed watching DVDs, such as Six days of creation and God of wonders – a collection of videos from Creation Museum, about the complexity and harmony of life on earth. These video materials fit wonderfully into the study, complementing it visually.

But above all, we are so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for the honor of being His co-workers and of sharing the precious Word of God with Moldova’s young generation who are desperately looking for direction and hope, which only Jesus can give them. Please continue to pray for these kids as we do the follow up work.

For more information, pictures and videos from Moldova Creation Camp, please visit our camp’s web page:

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