Responses from Moldova Creation Camp 2010

For the word of God is living and active… – Hebrews 4:12

Sunday Morning Service at Creation Camp

During the Creation Camp in Cupcini, Moldova, we hear so many stories and so many testimonies of how God was touching the hearts of young people attending the camp. Here is what some of the participants have said:

Daniela, 14, comes from a family where only her mother is a believer. Daniela was saved at the camp: I have studied Genesis many times, but at this camp made so many discoveries, God revealed many new truths and I am very glad! I have decided to be more responsible, to give more time to the studying the Bible, to follow my Lord and his Word all my life.

Celebrating US Independence Day

Anastasia is 18. Her brother, who was saved earlier, invited her to the camp: She said: It was a great pleasure to be at this camp, to meet so many nice people that know God’s Word and apply it in their lives. I want to continue studying and want to understand all that the Bible says, and I pray God will help me get to know Him personally.

Xenia, 17: In this camp I learned that everything was created by God’s design.  And also, if I have studied Genesis in the past, studying it once again helped me discover true treasures from God’s Word. I decided to glorify God every single day of my life.

Kate, 15, her father is a pastor, but she is not saved yet: I have learned about the age of the Earth, about Biblical foundation of Creation, three parts of Christian apologetics. Especially I was amazed to learn that God created light before He created the Sun.

Digging in the Word of God

Anastasia, 18, was saved earlier, but in the camp she decided to be baptized and to join the church. So she had just one question: When is the baptism?

Kate, 24, was so encouraged to study Genesis at the camp that decided to get to her home hometown and start new Bible study groups, where she will teach the same study to people in her city.

Semion, 17, is a student in a Turkish high school where Muslim teachers from Turkey are teaching and indoctrinating Moldovan boys in Islam. He came to our camp and was saved! He also decided to be baptized and join the church. Here is what Semion said: I found out about Creation. Before this camp I thought that evolution theory is the most trustful.

Vasile, 22, is student at State University: I was pleased to learn about many Bible truths that support Creation and I think that evolution theory can not be called science. I want to be rooted deep in Creation subject to be able to support form scientific point of view and from the Bible that God is the Creator of the Universe and evolution is just an invented theory.

Lunch time

Andrei, 20: I have learned the Lord created all of us, and we are not a product of evolution. God created everything in 6 days, including man. I want to continue studying the Bible.

Tamara, 15, comes from an Eastern Orthodox family who did not want to let her come to our camp, but God finally made it possible: I have learned the Jesus loves us so very much! I knew this even before the camp, but I experienced His love in a very special way when it was just His hand that brought me to this camp.

Sasha is 12. His parents are divorced and his mother left him to be raised by his grandmother. He says: After this camp I started believing in Jesus Christ as my Lord.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. – Hebrews 11:3

We have received a number of questions that participants asked us, such as: Why do people refuse to believe in the truth that they know from the Bible and continue to spread the wrong theory of evolution? When is the next Creation camp? Why did God create the tree of knowledge of good and bad? Why did they beat Jesus before crucifying Him? When will the Leadership Training Institute be this summer? I want to come! How can I become a leader in the next English camp?

The importance of the follow-up is shown in a request from one of participants at camp: I have so many questions and I want to have someone give me the answers from the Bible, so that I will understand things as they are. Please pray for all campers and for our teams that do their best to provide the answers and to conduct others to personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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