November 28, 2010 Early Parliamentary Elections in Moldova

As the Parliament elected on July 29, 2009 was dissolved because had failed to elect the President of the Republic of Moldova, early parliamentary elections were held on November 28, 2010 when the new composition of Parliament was elected out of 40 electoral contestants (39 candidates competed by the end of the campaign).

The voter turnout was 63.37% and the 101 parliamentary seats have been distributed as follows: Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (39.34% votes, 42 seats), Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova (29.42%, 32 seats), Democratic Party of Moldova (12.70%, 15 seats) and Liberal Party (9.96%, 12 seats) — passed the electoral threshold and will be represented in the Moldovan Parliament (19th Legislature). The other 35 contestants gained together 8.58% of the votes cast and these votes were equally distributed between the four winning parties. 63.37% of voters included in the voter rolls participated in elections.


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