Hearts Transformed and Lives Restored at Cupcini Creation Camp 2011

After months of preparation, prayer, leadership trainings, and a lot of work, the day to start Cupcini Creation Camp 2011 arrived! We came to church early in the morning where the camp was taking place. In previous camps we had from twenty four to three hundred sixty people participate, but we did not know how many to expect this year. Our prayer was that the Lord would bring exactly the ones He wants to see in the camp.

As we were getting ready for the first day, children and young people began gathering at the church early. Five hours before the time to start we already had over twenty registered. In two more hours this number doubled and we had close to fifty. People were coming from all parts of Moldova. Some traveled up to four hundred kilometers, changing buses several times. The final number was over one hundred and eighty, with over one hundred being unbelievers. We prayed that the Lord would touch their hearts and they will trust Jesus for their salvation, becoming His followers. The Lord transformed so many hearts and restored so many lives.

This year we taught another Precept study in English – “Digging Up The Past”, which is a study from the book of Genesis: Chapters 3-11. Our leaders worked hand to hand with Sanibel Community Church from Sanibel, FL. Their team of leaders helped us with teaching English, testimonies, drama, worship music, crafts and other things.

Worship time during the morning and evening chapels had a great impact on everyone. They invited new friends every day. Another attraction was the opportunity to learn and improve their English through songs and studies in the English language. God used all of that to bring new children into His family. We saw many come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ: children, young people, parents, grandparents, people that came to participate in the camp and people that just stopped by.

We praise God for the mighty way He moved in the hearts of many people. During the entire week, the whole city of Cupcini was talking about the camp. Brothers and sisters from a number of churches were mobilized and united in love and service. We had more people showing up to help than we had work for. Just at the church’s kitchen we had over thirty volunteers.

Once again we saw the power of God in such a clear manifestation as hearts were changed and turned to Him.

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