Gospel proclaimed through medical clinic in Cahul

 Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. (Matthew 9:35)

June 7 through 13 Moldova for Christ ministry’s team of 25 volunteers from seven cities and villages organized free medical clinic in Cahul, South Moldova where a new church is being planted.

Over seven thousand homes were visited in the city by our teams went sharing invitation to the evening programs. And God touched hearts of many as our youth knocked to their doors and handed invitations. More than two hundred people attended our evangelistic programs we conducted every evening. The place was filled to maximum capacity and many people stood in the doorway because there was no room for them to enter the hall. David Groves from Dallas, TX presented evangelistic messages to the congregation.

From early morning till evening medical clinic was conducted by volunteers both from USA and from Moldova. We used “Sermon on the mountain” Precept Bible study to teach passage from Matthew 7:21-27 to every patient as they arrived to the clinic. Everybody studied with such enthusiasm. A lady came to the Bible study and enjoyed studying the Word of God, in the evening she invited her husband to come to evangelistic meeting. Next day she came to go through the same Bible study again to understand the Word better.

After Bible study was the screening and were offered reading glasses to whom needed it. First text they tried to read with new glasses was John 3:16 printed on a card. After visiting our doctor’s mobile office everybody could visit our pharmacy and get need medicine for free. Many people were thanking us with eyes filled with tears. Many thanked us again and again for providing such a good service in the name of the Lord.

Children that attended evening evangelistic programs were invited to Puppet Show programs prepared by “Agape Puppets” team that tours all country with us as part of Moldova for Christ ministry. A Bible lesson was presented for children and of course songs and some games that help to cement the truth. Children invited their friends and every evening we had more and more little participants at the program. We praise God for the ones that trusted Lord Jesus Christ and pray they will attend our children’s program and grow spiritually.

As result of this project, more than 150 people trusted Jesus and we got over 220 addresses that will be visited by Moldova for Christ missionaries to Cahul – Yurii and Vladlena Semeniuc. The goal is to start home Bible study in every home of the people that visited our programs at least once. It is a special evangelistic project itself that requires a lot of effort, time and discipline. We pray many will grow in their knowledge of the Lord as they will study the

It was a blessing to work with IGO Missions team from USA that participated in the project and we deeply appreciate their sacrifice and help that made the whole project possible. Our partnership started more than 10 years ago and we look forward to other projects that God will allow us to do together.

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