Radio Ministry Launched in Cahul, South Moldova

Our antena in Cahul

Our antenna in Cahul

For two years we prayed to God for the opportunity to start a radio ministry in Moldova where we would be able to share the Gospel with thousands of people. Some of our efforts were not successful at first, but God made this vision real by opening the door for the ministry in South Moldova in the city of Cahul.

We were praying for the missionary family God would call for this ministry from one of our churches in Moldova – that they would leave their hometown and move to the City of Cahul for this new ministry. We talked to several families, but they were not the ones God was calling into this adventure with Him.

Then, one day we got an e-mail from a couple who told their testimony on how God called them into this ministry. They said, “yes” to God and were now ready to move to Cahul. We were so happy to hear how God answered our prayers! The message came from Vladlena and Iuriy Semeniuc, a young couple from Balti church. They moved to Cahul, and we were able to start airing our Christian radio programs in October 2008.

When Vladlena and Iuriy moved to Cahul, 350 km away from their hometown, we had to fix the rented apartment where they are staying. Our brothers and sisters helped us accomplish this work for the Glory of God. Several people came and worked for days and days making the apartment suitable for living.

Vladlena working on wallpaper

Vladlena working on wallpaper

The name of our radio station is Universe FM and we are on air 24/7. Cahul is a city of 60,000 people with State University where students from all over the southern part of Moldova come to get an education. Evangelizing this city will put the Gospel in many other cities and villages in South Moldova. Our radio station reaches about 10 other villages around the city.

We provide Christian programs, such as Bible study, Bible reading and Gospel music, as well as local, national and international news throughout the day. Please pray God will help us continue this very effective ministry that gets the Gospel of Jesus Christ into thousands of homes, cars, stores, and people hear the truth of God’s Word. Our vision is to cover all of Moldova with our radio stations, which will provide an opportunity for everybody to hear the Word of God, believe in Jesus Christ, and be saved!


  • victor neagu

    October 19, 2012, 2:13 pm

    salut si har ,ma bucur foarte mult de lucrare Domnului in Cahul. Domnul sa va binecuvinteze!

    • Alexandru Sanduleac

      October 20, 2012, 3:55 am

      Multumim Victor pentru incurajare! Domnul lucreaza la Cahul si noi ii multumim pentru ca ne-a lasat sa fim parte a lucrarii Sale in Moldova.

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