It is time to go to Moldova for English camp!

By Barb Nave, Sanibel Community Church

When I was twelve years old, my parents allowed me to go to church camp.  It was a lovely lakeside camp and our days were filled with fun activities and Bible study.  During the week at camp I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Savior.  Because camp is where I met Christ, I have always had a heart to make camp experiences possible for children and teenagers to have a similar opportunity as I did.

English Camp in Moldova is a wonderful and valuable opportunity for children and teenagers to experience the Love of Christ in a community of believers.  Each day is packed full of fun activities.  Students work with American English speaking teens and adults and increase their vocabulary and speaking skills throughout the camp time.  We study God’s Word in the English language which also helps to equip the students for their general studies in school as well.  God’s Word is presented in understandable terms and each student has opportunity to be transformed by the Word of God.

One of the things I enjoy the most about English Camp is the relationships I build during the camp time and the friendships that have grown over the years.  It is wonderful as students return each year and I can see their academic growth as well as their spiritual growth!

My husband’s passion is coming to Moldova for English Camps and teaching baseball in the afternoons.  During activity time, the students can choose many sports, crafts or arts to enjoy.  Chuck does “baseball”!  He helps the students learn to play this favorite American game.  He also has opportunity to share with the students what to do when “life” throws you a “curveball”…..or in other words… God can help you through difficult times and circumstances.  He is always amazed at the skill of the children and youth and their passion to learn new things.

We excitedly pray all year and are anxious to go when summer comes and it is time to go to Moldova for ENGLISH CAMP!

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