Soroca orphanage

Our Orphanage Ministry we started at the same time we started our first church – Cupcini Christian Church, in 1995. We went to the State orphanage in Cupcini where God opened the door. We began by teaching Genesis Chapter 2 at two weekly Bible studies to about 50 children. Children got so excited every time we came; they were waiting for us to teach the next lesson about Creation.

Teachers in these two classes got interested in the Bible as well and began attending the church services with the children from their own classes. Later we began preparing worship songs for every church service. Teachers got saved, joined the church and now they help teach the children Bible studies during the week, in addition to the days we come.

Many children get saved and join our church. Many of them have received a good education and good jobs, which is vital in our country and unusual for orphans. Some of them became missionaries and preach the Gospel in other cities.

Now, we are weekly involved in 5 orphanages in the country. We have people from our churches that go and do lessons with orphans, play games, and just express love to these children. Our youth from several churches prepare special programs for all the Christian holidays and visits the orphanages.

Also, we are involved in orphan work in two Technical schools where the orphans go to study after they graduate from the orphanage. We minister to about 300 orphans and continue the work that was started with them 12 years ago.

Another orphan ministry is at two Juvenile institutions were the authorities let us go minister to the boys. There are 180 boys in these institutions. They have no hope. Many times they will come to us crying, telling how much they want to get out, but nobody would adopt these “unwanted” boys. Our visits and programs are very important for their restoration and inner healing.

Please pray for the transportation we need for this ministry. It is very expensive to take our team from place to place weekly and minister to all the orphans, using a taxi.