Summer Camp in Cupcini

Summer Camp in Cupcini

Moldova for Christ Ministry is doing everything possible to reach all people in order to see Moldova come to Christ in our generation. One of the very effective ways of presenting Jesus to a young generation is to organize evangelistic summer camps, where children and young people have a great time meeting new friends, playing sports, sharing meals together, enjoying nature, and studying the Word of God.

Our camps get bigger and bigger each year. God has blessed us with a great team of workers who are working tirelessly to make our camps an attractive and pleasant experience for everyone. As a result from the start of two camps in 2002, we are now running 15 camps each summer and doing more! It has become the most anticipated event of the whole year for many participants who come to the camp each summer and bring their friends every time.

For the Bible study program, we use children’s Precept Ministries International materials in English for the English camps, and for the other camps, we use the same materials in Russian and Romanian languages. So far, we have studied Genesis, (1-11), the life of Joseph, the book of James, the Gospel of John (in three parts), and the book of Philippians. In a camp day we usually spend at least five hours in Bible study and teaching.

Usually our camps run from five to 10 days long. The ages of participants vary from five to 30 in the different camps. Sometimes grandparents want to come with their grandchildren and participate in camp activities, and this gives us a great opportunity of reaching more people from the same family. The number of camp participants varies from 25 to almost 400 people.

During the day our schedule is filled with programs that start in the early morning with an exercise for the whole camp and a breakfast. Then, the whole camp has a chapel meeting that lasts a little over an hour where we spend time worshiping God with songs and prayers in English, Russian and Romanian languages.

The whole camp is organized in teams of 10 to 15 participants, and they spend about two hours in Bible study with their team led by a team leader. This is followed by lunch and more time in their teams. Sports and swimming time is followed by time for drama preparation.

In the evening, we have another all camp chapel meeting when everybody worships our Lord with songs, Bible lesson and drama.  It is the time when an invitation is given to turn to God and put personal trust in Jesus Christ.  And every evening we have boys and girls that make this decision and turn to God with prayers of repentance. We conclude the day by watching a Christian-based movie produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association or another Christian organization that presents the Word of God.

For the rest of the year, we do follow-up work with all campers by writing, calling and inviting them to our churches and Sunday school studies, visitations and home Bible study groups. Now, by God’s grace, over half of our camp workers were saved in our camps from previous years. They joined the church, went through the Training Institute for leaders in Cupcini, and are now ready to help others discover the truth and become saved!