prisonPresently we are involved in ministering to men and boys in 6 prisons in Moldova. There are over 12,000 prisoners. In some prisons we go on weekly basis, like the Maximum Security Prison in the city of Soroca where 1200 men live.  We also go weekly to a Juvenile prison in the village of Solonet where 60 boys live.  In other prisons we can go for special occasions, like the Juvenile prison in the village of Lipcani where 135 boys live. In other prisons we work through Correspondence Bible study courses.

God has amazingly changed the lives of many inmates and there are such wonderful testimonies of how God used His Word to change hearts.   

It was in the Soroca Maximum Security Prison, where Elijah Rusu, our pastor in Soroca, came to the prison and asked permission to teach Bible study to the inmates.  The authorities let him go in right next day! When we met the inmates they told us for 2 years they had been praying for someone to come and teach them how to study Bible. Elijah began teaching the Gospel of John. It took one year of 2 times per week study to get through the whole book of Gospel of John. One year later 14 men repented, gave their lives to Jesus, and asked us to baptize them! The prison officials agreed, so we had a baptismal service for 14 men with over 500 inmates coming to witness the baptism.

After that we began studying the book “Lord I Want to Know You” – a Precept Study on God’s names. And 16 more men were saved! We had another baptism for 16 more new brothers in the body of Christ. Now we have church services and Bible study in this prison every week. Many of these Christian men were moved to other prisons in the country, so they go as missionaries preaching the Gospel in new places.

Please pray God will bring a revival among these men and that more and more men join this prison church. Also, pray that God will strengthen the Church in the city of Soroca, as it continues to minister in this prison and in many other places.