Precept Bible Institute in Cupcini res

Training Institute in Cupcini

The program of the institute is based on a two weeklong intensive training session where men and women can study the Word and be trained in how to initiate a home Bible Study using Precept materials and how to be prepared for the class as a leader. Each student takes a course during the training then goes back home to the city or village that he or she came from and teaches the same study to his or her group for 3-4 months, depending on the length of the book. Then, he or she is encouraged to bring at least one student to take a course at our institute. This way the number of leaders keeps multiplying.

The basic program consists of nine training sessions. Each training session includes two courses: one is a Precept study book that the student will teach in his home Bible study and another is a subject that will be helpful for the ministry. The books we are teaching are: Gospel of John, Study on God’s names, Marriage without Regrets, The book of James, Joshua, Philippians, II Thessalonians, Study of the Covenant and Gospel of John, Part 2.  The subjects that we teach are: Evangelism and Discipleship, Church planting, Counseling in Marriage, Homiletics, Israel’s History, Church growth, Time Management, Bible doctrines and How to study a Difficult Subject from the Bible.

The training is conducted in Russian and Romanian, and we usually have between four and six training sessions per year.

God has blessed the work of the Institute and in eight years through 45 training sessions, by His grace, more than 260 people from all over Moldova were trained in how to study the Bible and how to lead a Bible study group, how to plant a church and how to present God’s Word.  Out of these people, God has raised many leaders and pastors, deacons and missionaries, music ministers and children teachers.