Baseball team

As young people are interested in sports, we use playing games with their friends as a means to introduce them to the Gospel. By God’s grace, so far we have started Taekwon-Do groups, Volleyball, Ping-pong and Baseball teams in many cities and villages.

The most important part of our sports ministry is that weekly training starts with one hour of Bible study and prayer. After that, the participants are allowed to practice their sport. Even should a teenager came to the training just to learn how to fight , he will have to go through a Bible study first. Many times God touches one’s heart and changes it before he learns to fight, and with a new heart he does not want to fight anymore. Instead he wants to tell everybody about our Lord Jesus Christ. And usually a chain reaction takes place and new people join the team. And more hearts are touched by God and are changed.

In order to provide a continuous professional growth in the sport of their preference, in summer and in winter holidays, we conduct sports camps. Here the participants study the Bible every day at least 5-6 hours, worship God, pray and share testimonies. An everyday they have intensive training in the sport of their preference.

Different sports teams perform exhibition programs at Crusades and different evangelistic events. Many people come to these programs just to see the sports exhibition. At each event, the sportsmen always give a testimony of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray God will rise up more and more new leaders for this area of ministry. And pray for sports equipment. Every time there is training and a camp, we never have enough supplies. The equipment needed is as follows: ping-pong tables and balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, volleyball net, tents for forest camps, taekwon-do equipment and a generator