children1In every church we are developing Children’s ministries and Sunday School for children of all ages. Hundreds of children hear the Gospel and put their trust in Jesus every year. These meetings take place in parks, during the warm time of year, in homes and in rented facilities. The Cupcini Christian Church building is the only facility we can use for the children’s ministry in the winter or during cold weather.

God is using this ministry in a mighty way to teach a new generation the Gospel Truth. It also reaches into the lives of families who have never come to church before. We hear many times how children go home or to kindergarten and sing the songs they learn at Sunday school. They tell everyone what they heard at church. Many children do not receive love in their families, but on the pages in the Bible they meet the One who will always love them. It’s there they find true love. Our young people and dedicated Sunday school teachers are the foundation for this outreach. The potential for these children to impact Moldova for Christ is unlimited.

 All children who attend Sunday school in our churches are invited to join us for summer camps. We hold several every summer. Usually every child brings his friends, brothers and sisters and the outreach often exceeds for what we had prayed.

 There are missionaries and teachers that first came to Sunday school at the age of 9. They repented and decided to follow Jesus. Now they are 21 and are such a blessing to the body of Christ in their churches. Their training included completing many Bible studies in 12 years. Often they go to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in other villages and cities.

Please pray God will give wisdom to all the workers in our Children’s ministry. Pray as they teach children the whole council of God that the language barrier will not be a problem and that the children will understand and receive it.