Church planting team to Parcova

Our vision is to plant Bible based churches in every city and village of Moldova so churches will be reachable to every person in the country. We truly believe that this will change Moldova and bring it to the feet of Jesus.

There are over 800 cities and villages with no evangelical presence throughout Moldova. God has put in our hearts a desire to go to these places and plant Bible based churches that will study and proclaim God’s Word.

Every week our missionaries are going to many cities and villages, preaching the Word of God in homes, on the streets, in parks, in trains and on the buses. Some have to walk miles every Sunday in order to get to their people that are waiting for them.

For church planting we use the following methods: street evangelism, home visits, Evangelistic Crusades and Concerts, Christian movies, free medical clinics, and home Bible studies. The goal is to give every person the chance to hear the Gospel and to respond to the invitation of Lord Jesus Christ.

Please consider joining us in this effort and pray that God will provide all needed resources for this important work.