Bible study for students

Once a year we hold youth conferences in several cities where all the youth from the cities are invited. January 4th through 6th, we had a Youth Conference at the Cupcini Christian Church. About 70 young people from 15 different churches came for 3 days to study God’s word and to seek His face. The theme of the conference was “Sanctified to belong to Him”. Many young people for the first time in their lives discovered what it means to be holy, and what real friendship is. We studied Proverbs chapters 2, 5 and 6, Psalm 1 and 1 Thessalonians chapter 4.

Special guests at the conference were Vasile and Vera Sanduleac. They shared their personal experiences about the youth movement in Ukraine and Moldova while still under the Soviet Union. They told story after the story how young people had to pay fines equal to a month’s salary for attending youth meetings, while leaders had to pay fines 3 times their monthly salaries. One amazing story was how the KGB tried 3 times unsuccessfully to shoot Vasile Sanduleac for not joining communist party. God protected him and they remained strong in the Lord. It was a great encouragement to hear about how our Lord loves and protects us.

At the end of the conference a girl 17 years old, who did not know the Lord, decided to repent and turn to Jesus. We prayed with her and she gave her life to Jesus. Since then, she is in church at every meeting and has such a hunger for God’s Word.

Many young people’s lives were changed. Things we heard from young people were: <I>”I decided not to have any sexual relations outside marriage”, “I have decided to become a missionary”, “Too bad the conference was just for 3 days”

These are just a few examples of how God touches lives. After the conference, many young people were exchanging addresses to keep in touch when they get home. Many were praying for each other. I remember one young man was just standing next to a window, praying and thanking God for touching his heart.

God has put the desire on our hearts to organize such conferences in cities throughout Moldova. Please pray God will provide the funds necessary to reach other young lives for Him.