Medical clinic in Edinet

In the last 10 years, we have done many Medical Clinic Projects in cities and villages in Moldova. God has used these projects to reach dozens of thousands of people and bring thousands to salvation. God gave us the vision on how to conduct the clinic, and our teams are trained to perform the clinics.

Here is what involves our medical clinic evangelism. Usually we connect medical outreach with evangelistic crusade-type meetings that actually start the medical clinic project. Just people who attend the evening meeting are able to get registered for the next day to visit the doctor. The next morning we teach the Precept Bible Study for the first 40-45 minutes. Then, they can see the doctor who is also presenting the gospel to the patients. And then comes one-on-one Evangelism Explosion with our leaders, and after that they are allowed to get the medicine at our pharmacy.

We have had doctors from Moldova as well as doctors from abroad to conduct a medical clinic. Our interpreters are also trained to help with communication with patients. And we have seen thousands of men and women surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

We have seen how God changed the lives of people right in front of our eyes. One couple came to the clinic and were complaining before they got to the clinic. But right after the first 45 minutes of Bible study and prayer, they invited Jesus in their hearts and were saved. When we gave them directions to the doctor’s office, they decided they were not going to see the doctor. When we asked them why, they said: We received all we needed! We received peace and joy and we were freed in our souls! We do not need anything else! After that, both the husband and wife were baptized in our church and attend church every time we have an event.

Follow up is very important in helping all patients to grow in the Lord. Every person will be contacted after the clinic and will eventually be visited by our teams that are trained to lead home Bible studies using Precept materials in Russian and Romanian languages, both for children and adults.