Reception for teachers

Reception for teachers

From the very beginning of our ministry, God has called us to minister to public schools.  We have taught the Precept Bible Study to hundreds students and have met with many schoolteachers.  From our discussions, we saw a great gap in their Biblical knowledge as very few of them knew what God’s Word says.  This brought us to the point when, by the grace of God, were able to start ministering to public and technical schoolteachers.

Ministries to teachers include the following projects: A first day of school reception, Christmas Calendar distribution, newspaper distribution and special events for Teachers Day.  As the Lord opens the door and provides the funds, we are doing it in many cities and villages in order to build relationships with teachers and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

September 1st is the day school begins in Moldova.  This day starts with an all school meeting, usually done on the soccer field next to the school.  To encourage schoolteachers, the “Moldova for Christ Ministry”, organizes special receptions for teachers held in local halls or restaurants.  All teachers are invited.  During this time, a meal is provided for every teacher, our singers perform worship music, the gospel is presented through a message and personal salvation testimonies are shared.  Christian teachers are invited to share how their faith in Jesus Christ helps them be better teachers and how He supports them in this important work.  Precept Ministries International Bible Study materials are presented during the reception.  At the close, teachers receive a small gift of school supplies that will help them in their teaching.

Another project in reaching schoolteachers is the Christmas Bible Verse Calendar.  It has become a very well known and very much appreciated day.  We bring each teacher a nice wall calendar that has Bible verses printed on each page.  These calendars are displayed in classrooms, principals’ offices, and in homes.  Hundreds of people read the Bible quotes in each place they are displayed.  We also present these calendars to dignitaries, mayors, police officers, judges and others.  These calendars help us build relationships and opens new doors for other ministries, such as Puppet Shows, Christian concerts, Christian literature distribution, English clubs and computer clubs.

Please pray that we will be able to grow this ministry into more schools, cities and villages.  Pray that the Word of God will bring everybody that sees these calendars to consider His words as a guide for their lives.  Also, please pray that God opens their hearts to the Gospel as we start Bible study groups with teachers in many cities and villages throughout Moldova.