Jesus Film Project planning, Cupcini

Jesus Film Project planning, Cupcini

As God leads us, we are open to partner with many other organizations and one of the organizations we partner with is Campus Crusade for Christ. We thank God for the grace to share the Gospel using the “Jesus Film.”

We began by organizing a prayer and fasting day for all our people. We prayed and asked for God’s guidance, for His wisdom in setting all meetings and projects and for protection. After that we did the training on how to use the projectors that we were able to rent and borrow.

As result, five teams were formed that were ready to go from village to village and from city to city to proclaim the Good news about Jesus Christ. With a map of the country on the table we prayed again and again. The Lord showed us what villages and cities to go to.

We went into 65 cities and villages of Moldova and showed the “Jesus Film” more than 100 times to over 15,000 people, most of whom were unchurched people – children and adults, men and women that speak both Russian and Romanian languages. As result, almost 1,200 were saved and many joined the churches.

To follow up with all of these people, we visit them and propose to start a Bible study based on Precept Bible study materials, such as “God, are You There?” – the study of the Gospel of John and “Lord, I want to Know You” – a study on God’s names.

For continued follow up, we did music concerts and evangelistic meetings the week after the film, and more people became interested in God’s Word. God called many of our people to become missionaries to these cities and villages, and new church plants were started.

Now, we are continuing to do the shows in Culture halls, public schools, church buildings, and even in homes.