Christmas drama in Edinet

Christmas drama in Edinet

Moldova for Christ Ministry is dedicated to glorifying the Lord and upholding the Word of God, and the Lord continues to give us a multitude of opportunities. Preaching God’s Word through the drama ministry is one of these open doors God has provided for us.

Christian drama ministry is a very effective tool that helps people understand the message of the Bible and respond in faith. It presents the Gospel in a very practical way and also evokes emotional responses in people’s hearts that help them to become participants and experience the truth Jesus presented!

Jesus always presented the truth visually and emotionally to help people remember it better. Some examples are parables about the Kingdom of God, His explanation of the new birth to Nicodemus, and His comparison of the Word of God to the seed that falls onto different soils.

It has become a good tradition for the Moldova for Christ Ministry drama team to prepare and present dramas each Christmas and Easter. Brothers and sisters from a number of churches participate in these projects by preparing decorations, music, and providing technical support and participants in the dramas. Sometimes we present our drama more than 15 times and travel to a number of cities and villages where hundreds of people hear the Gospel. Besides Christmas and Easter, we present dramas from time to time to help illustrate the Bible truths we are studying.

The drama ministry is made possible by believers who sacrificed their time, energy and finances to serve the Lord. The effectiveness of this ministry is based on the visual presentation of the truth of the Word of God.

Our prayer is that the Lord will grow the seed of His Word that is planted in people’s hearts through the drama ministry and He would bring forth a rich harvest to the glory of our heavenly Father. This ministry has opened the door to proclaim the Word of God in churches, public schools, culture halls, orphanages, juvenile prisons, youth clubs and camps. The effort made is worth it.

We believe that the Bible is a true picture of humanity, and because of that we write our scenarios based on Biblical texts that bring hope, salvation and healing for people’s souls. This way we are yielding to the Holy Spirit to convey the Holy Word of God to each individual person who attends our presentations. Our actors who depict Bible characters desire, above all else, that Christ will have first place in everything. (Colossians 1:18)