English club in Cupcini

English club in Cupcini

In the difficult economic times of our country, many young Moldovans try to leave and find a job abroad. They need to know a foreign language, and one of the first languages they are interested in learning is English. Although their intentions to move abroad are not good for the country itself, it has become a great ministry opportunity that Moldova for Christ is using to get the Word of God into the hands of young people to study.

The first English Club we had was in our home when only four young people attended. Since then, dozens of clubs have been organized and conducted in different cities, and hundreds of young people have studied the Word of God using the Precept Ministries International materials in English.

From these people, God has raised a great team of English teachers who are always ready to participate in the ministry and will do anything it takes to reach others with the Gospel. We have organized English clubs for youth and students where they can learn for free and brush up their English language skills.

Many times, the Lord opens the door to teach English in public schools and colleges. Other times, we conduct these clubs in homes or in church buildings. Every time we have these clubs, we see new people joining the church who have never attended our church services before. After singing worship songs and studying a Bible lesson in English, the students have lots of questions. This is the time when we can minister to them the most, by loving them and being open to talk and show we care. Usually, it is concluded with some time for snacks and fellowship.

What is interesting is that after many students learn the language, become saved and let God take control of their lives, many change their plans and decide to stay in the country and participate in the ministry of reaching others with the Gospel. They join our teams and participate in the ministry, and some even become leaders and missionaries.

By the grace of God, a number of people who were saved in the English clubs have joined the church through baptism and are now leading English Bible study groups in order to get the Word of God to next generation of Christians. We always pray God will bring more native English-speaking people to help us in this very effective ministry in reaching a new generation of Moldova for Christ.