Conference for men in Cupcini

Conference for men in Cupcini

Our ministry to men was started soon after the church began in Cupcini. We only had three men in our first congregation, and we prayed for more men to be saved and become actively involved in ministry. During our work we saw a great need in families and churches for men after God’s heart who will be a support to family members and congregations.

God gave us several ideas of what can be done to bring more men to Jesus. First, we started a Bible study in our home for men where men from our church, and also other men, were invited. By the time we finished the study, we had 12 men in the congregation! God began adding new believers to his church, one by one.

Now, each year we do number of conferences for men where we invite a speaker and musicians, present and teach Precept Bible study materials for men and pray in small teams for each other. It is a special time for us when we can strengthen each other and encourage each other to faithfulness in Jesus Christ.

Our conferences are well attended every time we organize one. It is the only event that is just for men in the whole area. Usually we have a number of unchurched people who join us. As result, some are saved, join the church and get involved in the ministry. As we do these conferences in different cities, men travel from villages all over the country to attend the event.

God is blessing this effort, and now we have hundreds of men in our newly planted congregations. At the same time, God is calling more and more of them into fulltime ministry, and new churches and ministries are started and existing ministries and churches are strengthened.